(Re)welcoming Prevision to the world

Last month, our friends, families and ex-colleagues received word that Prevision was officially open for business, seeking clients from across the Asia-Pacific and Australia to help build and grow their online presence.In truth, Prevision has been operating for almost two years already. We’ve worked with numerous businesses including CanLight Electrical, Burto Bungee, YEVU Clothing and Lush Soy Candles, partnerships of which we are extremely proud.So, why all the fuss?

Having recently packed up our bags and moved to Indonesia, we risked losing one of the most powerful forms of advertising: word of mouth. We could no longer rely on self-representation – at least in our local networks – to bring in the steady stream of work we had been enjoying back home.

As a digital communications company, it’s also important that we practice what we preach. A great website, effective social media channels, solid content – these things we help other clients to do, so emulating this through our own business model not only helps us achieve our goals, but demonstrates to others that we know what we’re doing.

Facing this prospect, we set about devising and rolling out a digital communications strategy that would help maintain our local networks while also cementing us a serious contender for new business opportunities while overseas.

Each element of our re-launch had a specific role to play, an audience to connect with and a message to spread. A new website to showcase that we’re good at what we do, a Facebook page and an email campaign to remind those back home that we’re still in business, a Twitter feed and a LinkedIn business page to connect with the leaders in our industry, and a blog, for all of the above.

Of course, these things all take time and we’re still establishing ourselves across each of these channels. But the results so far have been very encouraging, evidence that we’ve reached the right people in the right ways.

We’d like to thank everyone for their support so far, and look forward to the partnerships that the future can bring. If you haven’t already, make sure you connect with us through our digital channels, but chances are if you’re reading this, we’ve done our job well.