Don’t let the search for perfection stand in the way of launching your website

Blog image launchOver the years, we’ve worked with many different types of client. The proactive, the perfectionist, the procrastinator – everybody has a different working style and here at Prevision, we pride ourselves on being able accommodate for this.

One thing we see time and time again, however, is clients who stall in those final moments before making their site live. Logically, this makes sense: a website takes a lot of time and effort to build and populate, and you want to be sure that you’ve got it perfect before pushing that big launch button. Right?

Well, not necessarily, and here’s why:

Launching your website has SEO benefits

Building your web presence is a slow process. It takes time for Google to discover your site and index it, using the age of your domain to figure out whether your content is reputable. Launching your site sooner will therefore have a positive impact on your SEO, even if you’re not focused on promoting your content just yet.

 Your audiences are valuable – listen to them!

One thing that is often overlooked in deciding to whether you’re ready to launch your website is the valuable data that comes from tracking your audiences as they engage with your content.

Where they come from, what device they are using, where they clicked on in the site – this is all information that can be used to better shape your website in the planning and design phases. Knowing the ways in which audiences are engaging with your website means the ability to learn from them.

 A website is always a work in progress

Whilst giving you a tangible goal to work towards, placing too much emphasis on the official ‘launch’ or your website can also put you in the wrong frame of mind when it comes to digital marketing.

A website is a constant work in progress, an asset that should grow and change with your business over time. The pursuit of perfection for your website implies that there is no wriggle room in the future; that once you launch there will be no going back. While you should certainly aim to have your website at a certain level of quality before launching, don’t forget that this should be part of a constantly evolving process.

 Take a deep breath and just go for it

It’s based on these arguments that we always recommend for you to get your website up sooner rather than later. It doesn’t mean you have to go hard on the marketing – this can always wait until you are ready – but just the simple act of having the site out in the world web web there will bring numerous benefits to your business.